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A tailored user experience is mandatory in this age of marketing over-inundation. We know how to reach your audience at the right time, on the right device, and with the right message. No matter the marketing need, we've got the solution. Let's talk media. Let's talk results.  Let's talk growth.

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Digital: Data Driven & Agile
Proof Is In The Data
We're utilizing industry standard tech and measurement strategies to provide you with the best insights and the most accurate understanding of your audience's response to your brand.

Transparency = Growth  
From day 1 any accounts or materials we create for you are yours. No need to worry about access or reporting grey areas. We pride ourselves on being a partner, and that's how a partner acts.

Machine Learning Meets Human Understanding
We have years of experience marrying cutting-edge artificial intelligence with human intuition and understanding. Digital Media is a brave frontier and we're thrilled to be on the forefront.
Traditional: Big & Bold
The Ultimate Growth Platform
In a digital age, hundreds of millions of people continue to consume and enjoy traditional media. Rebrands, sales initiatives, and launches all thrive when given the eyes and impressions traditional media delivers so well.

Drive Brand Authority
Nothing speaks to brand authority like a prime time TV spot or a grandiose outdoor placement. Go big or go home.

Mediums For The Masses
Showcase your beautiful marketing material to countless viewers in your target audience and reap the rewards of the sheer reach that traditional provides.
Let's Talk Media

First Med Urgent Care: Digital Case Study

Client Problem. First Med Urgent Care had recently hired Studio Flight to execute a brand refresh and now needed to push interested and relevant users to their site. Their goal was to drastically increase both virtual visits and in-office dr. visits.

Our Solution. We utilized Google Ads to speak to certain users in more specific ways depending on which stage of the marketing funnel they were in. By tailoring our messaging, bids, and overall strategy to these user data points we more than over-delivered on client expectations and national benchmarks for that industry.

The Results. Our highly tailored and insightful messaging resulted in a CTR that is 172% greater than the national benchmark for the health industry. Not only did our ads grab the user's attention but our specific targeting resulted in a conversion rate (new patients counted as conversions) 1001% greater than the national industry benchmark. We delivered a new patient to First Med at an average cost of $9.56, a price point that not only greatly exceeded expectations but was highly profitable for our client.
The Cost Per Patient Acquisition delivered of $9.56 CPA proved highly profitable for client.
Conversion Rate delivered was 1,001% greater than national industry benchmarks.
CTR delivered was 172% greater than national industry benchmarks.

OU Health: Traditional Case Study

Client Problem. OU Medical asked Studio Flight to facilitate a complete brand renovation and shift to OU Health. They need help steering their rebrand and cementing OU Health in the collective mind.

Our Solution. In order to maximize budget during COVID-19, we determined to “flight” their ads to run two weeks on the air, then two weeks off the air. Flighting boosted their frequency during a short period of time, especially before and after the political window. We also negotiated aggressively using our agency's leverage to add as much media placement added value as possible to supplement their original media budget.

The Results. With a flighted media strategy and a large amount of added value negotiated we stretched OU Health's budget into a larger and more effective campaign. To date, we have reached at least 1/2 million people within our target audience and successfully rebranded OU Medical to OU Health.
1/2 Million
People reached within our target audience, cementing the OU Health rebrand.
20% Off
Vinyl billboard placements negotiated on behalf of client.
Over $60,000
Of added value negotiated on behalf of client.
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