Oklahoma City Thunder • Always Onward

New team, New branding, COVID season, and no fans in seats. Challenge accepted!
August 2020

Problem: New team, New branding, COVID season, and no fans in seats. There was for sure a lot stacked against us with this project. The Thunder asked us to make an anthem for this season. They had some really strong branding and language with: ALWAYS ONWARD. Together we needed to show OKC how to move forward.

Solution: Using the brand as a character we aimed to show OKC community leaders and people of color in their elements. We wanted to show the hearts behind the mission the Thunder came up with. Using businesses, people, and branding we told that story. The Homeland worker helping another person, the doctor, the business leader, and the runner group all embody the culture the Thunder were pushing this year. Even though we aren’t physically together, we are united because of who we root for.

This project was a ton of fun for all of us at Flight. There was an incredible atmosphere of collaboration on set—from both cast and crew. Can’t wait to get back out there with the Thunder! Thunder up!