Vima Strobe Training

Taking a product from prototype to reality. We elevated Vima's product with commercials, photography, website, branding & design, and strategy.
Sports, Medical
Design, Development, Film, Photography, Strategy

Problem: Vima's stroboscopic training glasses were no longer a prototype. But their marketing assets were all 3d renderings of a future product.

Solution: Studio Flight took Vima from prototype to market. We developed videos to increase product and brand awareness. We developed a custom website to highlight showcasing their product and brand. We designed the first mile experience with the product with a brand new box, manual, and instructional materials.


On top of a hype reel and social commercial, we also produced an entire training library of content to inspire coaches and athletes across a variety of sports.

Branding & Design

Physical Marketing Materials

Motion Design

Studio Flight created a set of animations to highlight the various skills the REV can improve. These were to be used on the website, mobile app, and training materials.

Social Graphics

Additionally, we produced an asset bank of social graphics. Below is a small of example of the library.